Power in One Small Step


Ever wonder what's stopping you from taking a step? If so, you're not alone. All of us have goals and dreams. The hardest part is building the courage to step into them. The thought can make you feel like you’re in a valley looking up at the peak of a mountain.

Talking about goals isn't enough. Thinking about them isn't enough. Dreaming about them isn't enough. There comes a time when you need to push obstacles to the side and walk towards your mountain.

Julie shares what has stopped her for years and how she finally built the courage to step out. This journey changed how she looks at steps forever. No step is insignificant. Every step, big and small, is an opportunity to move forward.


Your Coach To Break Through To Your Potential

Julie Barbera



Featuring 'Walking on the Stars' by Amy Barbera. Music by Jim Wallman. Vocal Arrangement by Amy Barbera and Ben Bagby. Copyright 2012 Amy Barbera & Jim Wallman.


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