Redefining Good Enough

Get ready to accept your weaknesses, find your strengths and use them both to your advantage.

Learn to look beyond challenges and limitations to see all the potential and possibilities.

It's time to change your idea of what it means to be Good Enough. No matter what you've been through or what you're going through today, You Are Good Enough.

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Power In One Small Step

Ever wonder what's stopping you from taking a step? If so, you're not alone. All of us have goals and dreams. The hardest part is building courage to step into them. The thought can make us feel like we're in a valley looking up at the peak of a mountain.

Talking about goals isn't enough. Thinking about them isn't enough. Dreaming about them isn't enough. There comes a time when we need to push obstacles to the side and walk towards our mountain.

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Invest In Dreams On Layaway

Make a commitment to take action. Stop waiting for the perfect moment to start. Rather, take an honest assessment of how you're spending your time and build margin into your life.

If you buy back time, this will enable you to think, be and discover what's most important in your life. Get on track by establishing realistic, attainable goals. And, become who God has called you to be.

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Expectations That Are Big Enough

Set goals that are right based on your circumstances. Reorganize, declutter and prioritize to make room for important things in life.

Set your sights on a bigger vision, but don't limit that vision due to perceived limitations. Establish a plan of action. Accomplish goals one by one. Celebrate Successes. And, turn your vision into a reality.

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Make Room For Inspiration

Consumed with busyness and responsibility, little room remains for inspiration. Creativity flows naturally when operating with a balanced, clear mindset.

Life is most productive when priorities are in order. Make a conscious decision to live with clarity and balance. Make a commitment to keep clutter out of your life to allow inspiration to come in.

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Get Past If, Move Towards Action

Listen as Julie shares an empowering message to set you on the right path. Start by identifying true desires of your heart. Gain insight into what's stopping you then resolve to take action one step at a time.

Little by little, step by step and day by day will take you one step closer to accomplishing long awaited goals.

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