Growth will stretch you. Step outside your comfort zone. Step into your potential!
— Julie Barbera

As a Professional Coach, International Sales Representative and Linguist, I'll partner with you on your language journey. Self taught in Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and French, I value communication.

Others say my passion for language inspires them. Words spoken with confidence motivate them to learn.  

It can be challenging to learn another language, whether it be your 2nd, 3rd, 4th or beyond. It requires you to step outside your comfort zone. Even so, benefits far outweigh the investment of time and energy.

Courage to speak with confidence is more than learning grammar and verbs. Confidence builds each time you take a step. Progress comes through practice. Practice leads to proficiency. Growth comes when stretched.

Empower yourself through language. Open the door to a world of opportunity. Create a new exciting vision for your life.

As an Inspirational Writer and Aspiring Motivational Speaker, I bring energy, enthusiasm and a strong message of hope. I'll act as your partner in progress as you embrace strengths and create a plan to step into language learning with confidence.

I'm fully committed to my work and look forward to watching you succeed at being the most confident version of yourself!

  • The journey begins with a decision to start. 

  • Concentrate on strengths.

  • Focus on benefits and rewards.

  • Keep the end goal in mind.

  • Progress comes through practice.

  • Practice builds confidence.

  • Experience Language In Action

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