"Having Julie as my coach has been a true game changer. Through powerful questions and space to reflect, she challenges me to look within. This allows me to shift my energy to a positive, creative and productive place. I'm more aligned with my values and life's vision. I'm also more effective at navigating business challenges along with family responsibilities. Coaching with Julie has prompted me to make impactful changes in my life.”

-Michelle Barquet

"Julie is a patient and thought provoking coach who has helped me to articulate dreams, goals and passions. She motivated me to strive to work towards my dream of becoming an ordained Chaplain. Working with Julie has been an eye opening experience. I highly recommend her for anyone serious about getting out of the rut that their career or life has put them in."

-Elisa Bark

"Julie's laser focus and commitment allow her to accomplish anything she sets her mind to. Her attentive listening skills are crucial for being a top notch coach. I've made considerable progress in my personal and business life as a result of our coaching. I've gained clarity regarding the direction I want to take in life and I've been able to execute on goals Julie helped me uncover."

-Maja Loi