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Cracked Mirror, Clear Reflection

Shatter An Illusion Of Perfection To Find Your Breakthrough

Coming in 2019!

My journey began with a paintbrush, pen and pencil. My manuscript was the tool. My story was written in time. I needed faith to believe.

A pursuit to write this book was no different than any other. I had a goal that I was bound and determined to achieve. I was the captain of the ship. I was in the driver’s seat. But, not so fast!

It was soon evident that the book was leading me, not the other way around. God was in control. I had a pen in hand. He had a pencil with an eraser to erase mistakes made along the way. No longer in the driver’s seat, I was a passenger along for the ride. When I would get there and how I would arrive; these answers were yet to be determined.

Losing my voice left me like a painter without a paintbrush. A thought entered my mind. What would life be like if I couldn’t speak? At that moment I had no choice. I was forced into silence. I unwillingly opened my art box and placed it inside.

Prior to this journey, my voice was my greatest asset. Determined to get my message across, I spoke to be heard yet failed to listen. Desperate to control the outcome, I relied on myself for direction.

Paintbrush tucked away for a season, I began to hear more clearly.


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I had a big vision. Yet, I felt unworthy of anything great. This journey taught me that circumstances don’t define me. They shape me. I was the clay. God was the potter. He wanted to create a masterpiece.

Squeezed and pressed on every side, only He knew what I would become. Like clay on a wheel, I had gone through stages of molding and shaping. Nicks and scratches gave me character.

Perfection was always the goal. I learned that it was just an illusion. Sure, I had cracks and blemishes. Yet, it was these flaws that made me unique. I came to realize that even the tiniest lump of damaged clay can be transformed into a treasured masterpiece.

Being good enough or not good enough, that was the question. A feeling of measuring up greatly affected my perception. I had a tendency to look at life through half empty glasses. I was unable to look beyond challenges and limitations to see even the greatest of possibilities.

My tendency was to focus on the negative. This mindset made it a challenge to see the positive. Even if circumstances went right, I focused on all that could go wrong.

I learned many lessons in life’s classroom. This was one that I had to relearn over and over. I came to realize that nobody is good enough in and of himself. All fall short. Everyone has room for improvement.

Life's Classroom

Looking past half empty glasses makes half full glasses easier to see.

Everyone has challenges and limitations, accept them, whatever they might be.

Learn to count possibilities rather than limitations. This makes it easier to see.

Life is short. Make the most of potential and opportunity.

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I had gone through many seasons of life. Good and bad, they had prepared me for something more. They had made me who I was and for that I was grateful.

I was always waiting for better, bigger and brighter days ahead. This made it hard to appreciate the moment.

I had arrived at many seasons of life only to await coming of the next. Winter came. I awaited Spring. Spring arrived, I couldn’t wait for Summer. Heat of Summer made me long for Fall.

I had spent far too many days just getting through the day. I wasted far too many seasons wishing hours away.

"We chase life like we chase butterflies to snap a picture. We blink and the butterfly is gone. Capture the moment today."

I needed to capture the moment. But, how?

“Treasures are right Before our eyes yet many miss gems searching for pearls at the bottom of the sea."

-Julie Barbera


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I was aware of what I was called to do. I knew what my gifts were. Yet, I was so busy comparing myself to others. I felt a need to be perfect just to start. This caused me to miss treasures right before my eyes.

My gifts and talents were like sea shells. They were familiar. Still, many times I walked the shore and looked right past them.

I recognized a need to accept myself and develop my natural talents. I needed to stop comparing myself to others. This was how I would become who God had called me to be.

Treasures were right before my eyes yet I missed gems searching for pearls at the bottom of the sea.

My potential was hidden. I revealed just enough to appear confident. Not wanting to risk vulnerability, I played it safe.

The ocean seemed to be calling me out of complacency. Potential would never be revealed from a beach chair. Possibilities would never be realized if I stood still.

I somehow mustered up courage to take a chance. I was at the doors of social media. I was literally behind the curtain ready to walk towards the podium. My manuscript wasn’t just an idea. It was a book.

Speech in hand, I anxiously walked towards the podium. Books were stacked up on a table outside the auditorium. I would sign copies after my speech.

The microphone was set up and ready to go. The room was full of people. I was nervous yet unafraid.

Was this all just a dream or was I about to step into my destiny?

Perhaps there was a treasure at the bottom of the sea, but I would never find it if I missed shells lining the shore. I needed every gem to search the depths of the sea. One day I would find hidden pearls. This is how I would become who God had called me to be.

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