Bring Your Greatness Forward


Do you ever go to step out and doubt stops you before you even start? You feel ready. While it seems like the right time, maybe it's not for you. Perhaps it won't work out. It’s possible you're not quite good enough to do what you want to do. 

Yes, you can allow feelings to stop you. If you do, they'll stop you dead in your tracks. Or, you can accept them, look them straight in the eye and build the courage to take a step.

Everyone experiences doubt. The power we give it determines whether we move forward or allow it to stop us. It’s a good idea to think things through, but don’t stress yourself out trying to figure everything out. If it’s in your heart to do something, do it. 

Don't let shortfalls define you. See struggle as your greatest teacher. Let challenges build true strength. Turn pain into passion. Let challenge make you a champion. Turn struggle into your story. Find the courage to take a step.

After years of focusing on weaknesses and shortcomings, I've created a new story for myself. No longer controlled by wrong thinking and perceived limitations, I found the courage to step into my potential. My journey inspired me to help others do the same.

A new story is created when focus shifts from limitations to strengths. A positive change in mindset leads to a new vision. Vision opens the door to a world of opportunity. 

The vision may feel out of reach at times. Progress may not happen as quickly as you like. A new story isn’t created overnight. 

A shift in mindset prompts change. With change comes action. Action helps to create a new story. With clarity and focus come vision.

My work is about finding passion and purpose beyond perfectionism. Essentially, it’s about a shift in mindset. I’m fully committed to my work and look forward to watching you succeed at being the best version of yourself. 

I’m here as a partner in your journey. The journey is personal. The vision is yours. Potential is within your reach. You have what it takes to bring your greatness forward and walk in it. 

You are destined for greatness. The best version of you is waiting to come forward. If you’re tired of waiting to be ‘Good Enough’ to start, let’s talk.

Julie Barbera, author of the forthcoming book, Cracked Mirror, Clear Reflection

“Treasures Are Right Before Our Eyes, yet Many Miss Gems Searching for Pearls at the Bottom of the Sea.”


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