Passion On Purpose


Visualize a life of intention. You're doing what you love, and you love what you do. You're determined to make a difference. Nothing can stop you. Then reality hits you, and you awaken from what felt like nothing more than just a dream. Still, you're not willing to give up.

Imagine doing what you enjoy so much that you would do it without being paid. Perhaps the thought has crossed your mind more than a time or two. But, how do you find the time?

Responsibilities and chores are a part of life. I'm sure you have your fair share of things you have to do. I'm not implying that everything you do should be enjoyable. Even so, I'm encouraging you to be intentional.

If someone were to ask you what you’re passionate about, you might ramble off a list of things you claim are important. But an honest assessment of how much time you spend on them might be eye-opening. You may be surprised to find that you’re investing little time if any.

It’s easy to say that family is a top priority. Still, words need to be backed up with action. If you work constantly and spend very little time at home, is your family really a priority?

You may say that you’re determined to accomplish dreams. But you don’t even have 15 minutes a day to pursue them. If you’re not willing to invest time to reach your goals, are they truly significant?

Envision that you're ready to go off to college, and you have to decide on a major. Friends and family have encouraged you to get into the medical field. They tell you that medicine is a very stable career and that you’re going to make a lot of money.

Due to the influence of others, you force yourself to take pre-med classes. You're able to understand the material, but you’re not excited about it. You've always been passionate about music and video production. In the back of your mind, you tell yourself that you’ll pursue dreams after you finish college.

It's not always a matter of deciding between the two. It's likely that you'll work towards a degree or work full-time while pursuing your passions. You can’t do all at once, but you can still do something. Focus on what you can do today, even if what you can do seems insignificant. The smallest investment made on a consistent basis leads to surprising results.

Be honest with yourself, and follow your heart. When you do what you enjoy, there’s a natural excitement. Everything flows and falls into place.

In conclusion, pursue passion on purpose. Identify what you love to do. Assess how often you're doing it. And resolve to take action.

If you're ready to invest in yourself and live with intention, let’s talk.

Julie Barbera, author of the forthcoming book, Cracked Mirror, Clear Reflection

“Treasures Are Right Before Our Eyes, yet Many Miss Gems Searching for Pearls at the Bottom of the Sea.”


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