Inspire Yourself to Action


How often do you notice yourself saying, I’ll do that one day? Perhaps you feel that what you can do today won’t make a significant difference tomorrow. 

While you can’t do all at once, you can still do something. Focus on what you can do today. Then, take action. 

A right mindset is vital to your success. If there's something you genuinely want to do, do it. Resolve to move forward regardless of how you feel. Every step, big or small, has value.

If you wait to feel motivated or inspired, you'll give up before you even start. Decide what you're going to do ahead of time, and stick to it. Do it for you. Inspire Yourself to Action.

Follow these simple steps to stay on track:

Set aside time for yourself every day: Busyness makes it hard to slow down at times. With so much going on, it’s a challenge to find even a moment to breath. Be sure to build margin into your daily life. Don’t just wait for your schedule to open up. Block off time in your agenda.

Establish clear goals and create a plan of action: An optimistic attitude will lift your spirits. Still, you need to develop a plan of action if you hope to reach your goals. Don’t just design a plan. Work your plan on a regular basis. Even with the most positive of mindsets, nothing happens without action. 

Celebrate small successes: If you hope to do anything of significance, the person that you need to encourage is yourself. Even the smallest of steps deserves acknowledgment. Don’t wait for praise or approval from others. You are your own best advocate. Do it for you. Inspire Yourself to Action.

Don’t dwell on how far you have to go. Reflect on how far you’ve already come. You’ll be encouraged to go further. Action taken towards your goals is an investment in yourself and your dreams. Even the smallest investment will reap positive rewards.

If you're ready to Inspire Yourself to Action, let’s talk.

Consistency is key. Pick up one rock a day. One day you’ll look back and realize you moved a mountain.
— Julie Barbera

Julie Barbera, author of the forthcoming book, Cracked Mirror, Clear Reflection

“Treasures Are Right Before Our Eyes, yet Many Miss Gems Searching for Pearls at the Bottom of the Sea.”


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