Shatter An Illusion Of Perfection

Imagine a life of freedom. No longer limited by self-doubt, you're able to accomplish anything you set out to accomplish. 

But what happens when purpose and perfectionism are in conflict?

A pursuit for perfection may drive you to do more, have more and be more. But, at what cost?

Take this journey from fear and doubt to courage to step out. And discover that there really is freedom on the other side of perfectionism.

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One Day Is Today

Yes, I believe all things happen for a reason. God is ultimately in control of the Whens and Thens in your life. Only He knows the perfect timing for both. Even so, you shouldn't be so afraid of the Whens that you fail to step into the Thens.

It’s easy to dream about the perfect moment. Why not step into it with confidence. It's possible you'll step out and timing won't be rightIf that happens, not to worry. At least you tried. Even if timing isn't just right, you open the door to new opportunities in life.

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Power In Small Beginnings

It’s important to pray before you start something new. If you still feel peace, take a step of faith. Just start. Take the first step. The second step will follow the first. The third will follow the second. I think you get it. Little by little, step by step, it gets easier as you go along.

Small beginnings lead to courageous endings. Never underestimate power in one small step. Courage builds along the way. No step is insignificant. Every step, big and small, is an opportunity to move forward.

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Bring Your Greatness Forward

Ever go to step out and doubt stops you before you even start? You feel ready. It seems like the right time. Maybe, just maybe, it's not for you. Perhaps it won't work out. It’s possible you're not quite good enough to do what you want to do. 

Yes, you can allow feelings to stop you. If you do, they'll stop you dead in your tracks. Or, you can learn to accept them, look them straight in the eye and build courage to take a step.

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Shift Your Focus

Life is about choices. Change is certain. It’s not always possible to change circumstances, but you can choose how you’re going to respond to them. Positivity is a choice. Negativity is a choice. Choose positivity over negativity.

If you can't change circumstances, change the way you look at them. Look beyond today's challenge. See tomorrow's possibility. 

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Doubt To Action

Life will never be free of doubt and insecurity. The path to greatness will never be completely straight. Mediocrity will tempt you along the way.

The road to greatness is paved with setbacks, doubt and discouragement. There's no growth without struggle. Challenges build true strength. You'll need it when you arrive. After all, greatness isn't about you. It's about what God wants to do through you.

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Make It Happen

Life is full of challenges. Obstacles will try to get in the way. Setbacks may feel like limitations, but they’re not really limitations at all. They’re simply opportunities to learn lessons along the way. 

If life throws a curve ball, handle it with grace. Never give up. Adapt, adjust, always stay in the game.

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Left Behind On Layaway

Ever feel like your dreams are on layaway?

You made a small down payment then left them behind at the local department store. You weren't quite ready to commit. But, you told yourself you would go back to pick them up later. Yes, there were times when you stopped by to put a little something down. Still it was never a priority to pay the bill down.

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Challenged To Change

Ever feel limited by your circumstances?

If you wait for circumstances to be perfect, you’ll shortchange yourself and others. You have a purpose. A prerequisite isn’t that you be perfect. The world isn’t waiting for a perfect version of you. It’s waiting for a genuine version of you.

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Reset Your Mindset

Are circumstances stopping you or are unrealistic expectations making it hard to see beyond your circumstances?

Let's face it, the world will never be perfect. Still, you can walk through life with a positive attitude of expectation. Shift your focus. Stop wishing for perfect circumstances. Don't imagine a perfect world. Make your world the best it can be.

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Box Full Of Expectations

Does this sound familiar? Hopeful expectations are weighed down by daily expectations. Expectations aren’t big enough due to all the busyness.

Get ready to reorganize your box. It’s time to re-prioritize to make room for what you really want to do in life. Daily expectations have their place, but they don’t need to take up all the space.

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