Healthy Balance In Action

“Set goals, but don’t race to the goal line. Enjoy the journey as you head to your destination. Make the most of today!”
-Julie Barbera

Helping purposeful individuals find balance to enjoy everyday life, tap into their potential and step into the extraordinary life they've always wanted. 

As a Professional Life Coach, President of Inspireu2Action, Sales Representative, Wife and Mother, I understand how challenging it can be to find work-life balance. I'll partner with you to create a healthy, balanced vision for your life. 

Others say I motivate them to live a healthy life. I lead by example. Healthy Balance in Action isn't just words. It's a way of life.

My interest in health and fitness started at the young age of 12. As a health enthusiast and Personal Trainer for years, my definition of health revolved around diet and exercise. Personal challenges with self image and confidence taught me that health is far more than diet or a number on the scale.

While it's great to stay in shape, true health starts with peace of mind. A healthy mindset leads to balance. Balance makes life more enjoyable.

A new chapter starts with a decision to turn the page. You have power to create a new story for your life. Start the next chapter with Healthy Balance In Action. Let the journey begin.

As an Inspirational Writer and Aspiring Motivational Speaker, I bring energy, enthusiasm and a strong message of hope. I'll act as your partner in progress as you embrace strengths and create a plan to lead a healthy, balanced life.

I'm fully committed to my work and look forward to watching you succeed at being the healthiest version of yourself!

  • Make a decision to live a balanced life.

  • Concentrate on strengths.

  • Work through what might be standing in the way.

  • Start the next chapter with health in mind.

  • Make room for balance.

  • Create a new story for your life.

  • Experience Healthy Balance in Action.

Bring Your Greatness Forward To Live An Extraordinary Life!

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