Bring Your Greatness Forward!

Envision living the life you've always wanted. Visualize being the best version of yourself. You're determined yet balanced. Action is bold yet calculated. Your vision is powerful and purposeful. Obstacles no longer stand in your way. You're ready to break through barriers to bring your greatness forward.

As a Professional Coach, I'm committed to helping you grow and prosper in your personal and business life. It's my mission to help you recognize greatness within and tap into it to reach your full potential.

After years of focusing on weaknesses and shortcomings, I've created a new story for myself. No longer controlled by wrong thinking and perceived limitations, I found courage to step into my potential. My personal journey inspired me help others do the same.

I look forward to partnering with you throughout your coaching journey. I'll act as a partner in your progress as you embrace strengths, create a plan and take action to bring your greatness forward. 

A new story is created when focus shifts from limitations to strengths. A positive shift in mindset leads to a new vision. Vision opens the door to a world of opportunity. 

As an inspirational writer and aspiring motivational speaker, I bring energy, enthusiasm and a strong message of hope. I'm fully committed to my work and look forward to watching you succeed at being the best version of yourself. 

The vision may feel out of reach at times. Progress may not happen as quickly as you like.  A new story isn't created overnight.

The coaching process leads to a shift in mindset. A shift in mindset prompts change. With change comes action. Action helps to create a new story. With clarity and focus come vision. 

You are destined for greatness. The best version of you is waiting to come forward. 

I'm here as a partner in your journey. The journey is personal. The vision is yours. Potential is within your reach. You have what it takes to bring your greatness forward and walk in it!

Stay Inspired!

Julie Barbera

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