Stretch with your Goals!

Envision a life of action. Visualize knocking down walls and forging ahead. Inaction and uncertainty no longer have power to control you. You’re determined to make a way. You’re ready to pave your own path.

How do you visualize life changing?

Goals! Objectives! Solutions! The pursuit can seem endless. Will power gets you going. Purpose gives you the will to keep going. Purposeful Action gets you where you’re going.

Do goals feel like a stretch or are you ready to stretch with your goals? Either way, stretching results in growth. Growth prompts action. Action leads to change. 

It sounds simple, right? Nothing happens without action. The answer is clear. Yet, the question still remains. How?

Perhaps you’ve asked yourself that question many times. Even so, there’s no right or wrong answer. No size fits all. Goals are different for each and every one of us. Greatness is within. The objective is to bring that greatness forward.

Professional Coaching might be just what you need to turn your vision into action!

Get ready to focus on strengths and discover areas for growth. The goal is forward progress. My role is to partner with you to bring your greatness forward. 

We’ll work together to co-create a plan of action to reach your goals. New discoveries will be made. Answers will come along the way. You’ll learn what motivates and inspires you. We'll work through what might be standing in the way.

Commitments will be made. Milestones will be set. Accountability structures will be established. The overall goal is action and sustainable results.

Coaching isn't about giving advise or telling you what to do. It's a Partnership between you as the "Client" and I as the "Coach." The focus is on YOU and your goals. The objective is to equip you with skills to be used during the process, as well as long after the Coaching Partnership has ended.

Discoveries made throughout the duration of the coaching relationship lead to a change in mindset. Clarity and focus make it easier to move forward. "Every step you take takes you one step closer to the goal!"-Julie Barbera

Yes, goals may feel like a stretch. Challenges may prompt you to step outside your comfort zone. Rest assured, you don’t have to do everything at once. Growth is gradual. The goal is to sustain growth. Growth prompts action. Action leads to change.

Whether goals are personal or business related, you're on your way. Start today!

Stay Inspired!

Julie Barbera

Growth will stretch you. Grow with your goals. Learn as you grow. Step into your potential!
— Julie Barbera