Good Enough!

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Ever go to take a step and doubt stops you before you even start? You feel ready. It seems like the right time. Maybe, just maybe, it's not for you. Perhaps it won't work out. Is it possible you're not quite good enough to do what you want to do? 

Yes, you can allow feelings to stop you. If you do, they'll stop you dead in your tracks. Or, you can learn to accept them, look them straight in the eye and build courage to take a step!

Some feel that imperfections make them unworthy of God's plan. This is far from truth. It's these flaws that will be used for His glory!

Don't let shortfalls define you. See struggle as your greatest teacher. Let challenges build true strength. 

Turn pain into your passion. Let challenge make you a champion. Turn struggle into your story. Find faith to take a step!

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Julie Barbera

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