How may times do you catch yourself saying, 'When'...? I bet your 'when' is usually followed by a 'then', right? Then I'll follow my heart, start a family or get in shape.

The list of 'whens' and 'thens' is endless. I'm sure you can think of a thousand things to put after both. Still, the real question is When!

When the kids are older then I'll pursue my dream. When I'm financially stable then I'll follow my heart. When things are better at home then I'll take a chance. When I'm more organized then I'll make the time.

I recall how when turned into days, weeks, months then years. Now I look back and wish I would have pursued my dreams when I had the chance!

In reality there is no perfect time. I spent years waiting for the perfect moment. I even expected a perfect me to step into that perfect moment. Wow, did I have unrealistic expectations!

Yes, I believe that all things happen for a reason. God is ultimately in control of the 'whens' and 'thens' in your life. Only He knows the perfect timing for both. Even so, you shouldn't be so afraid of the 'whens' that you fail to step into the 'thens'. 

It's possible you'll step out and timing won't seem quite right. If that happens, not to worry. At least you tried. When you step out, even if timing isn't just right, you open the door for new opportunities in life!

The perfect moment will never arrive. Sometimes you need to take a chance, risk it all for a chance to fly! 

Be Inspired!

Julie Barbera

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