Meet Julie!

Married with two young sons, President of Inspireu2Action and working as a full time Senior Sales Representative, I manage a busy schedule. It would have been easy to make excuses, but I didn't let obstacles stand in my way. Determined to follow my heart, I set out on a journey to help others do the same.

A seed of faith was planted years ago. The vision was clear. Yet, I lacked courage to take even the smallest of steps. After years of inaction, I found courage to step out and ultimately step into my potential. 

As a gifted communicator, I relate to others on a personal level and meet them where they are. I'm even willing to cross boundaries of language and culture to get there. Passionate about communication, I speak five languages; English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and French.

From struggle and challenge to victory and miracles, I deliver an inspiring message of hope. I share my story with one goal in mind; to help others overcome obstacles that have held me back for years.

My focus isn't just centered around taking action. Rather, I seek to understand motives behind action or a lack thereof. It's my belief that a healthy mindset leads to positive, sustainable lifestyle changes.

Having spent years dreaming about following my heart, Inspireu2Action is my seed of faith. My soon to be released book Cracked Mirror, Clear Reflection' isn't just futile words written on a page. It's these inspired words that gave me courage to take a step!

I look forward to watching you step into your potential!



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Every dream realized began with a step of faith, a single act of courage!
— Julie Barbera