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Inspiring Purposeful Action!

  • Want to grow as a leader?  

  • Need to build a stronger team?

  • Ready to make a change?

  • Want to achieve personal goals?

Get Ready to Create a Plan!

Find Empowerment to Take Action One Inspired Step At a Time. You may even be ready to take a leap and move forward full speed ahead. 

Inspireu2Action offers Personal and Business Coaching Services. Bring Your Greatness Forward, Make Your Business Great or learn more about Healthy Balance In Action.

Shop Inspiration and customize gift items with the original inspirational quote of your choice. Stay inspired as encouraging quotes scroll across select pages on the website. Find strength to take action as you read a motivational blog post or listen to an uplifting podcast message.

As a Professional Life Coach, Inspirational Writer and Storyteller, I’ll partner with you to create a new exciting vision for your life. Perhaps you already have a vision yet lack courage to step into it. Whatever the case, vision without courage and a plan results in inaction.

Others say I inspire them to be their best. Words spoken and written stir up the vision.

A notebook is ready. The pencil is in your hand. You have power to create a new story for your life. Let the journey begin.

As a Professional Business Coach, President of Inspireu2Action and successful sales rep for 14 years, I‘ll partner with you to create a positive, productive work environment.

I understand challenges that businesses and employees face. Developing talent within and empowering employees to be their best ultimately results in increased productivity and revenue. You have power to create a new story for your business. Let's start a new chapter and create a plan.

A new story begins when focus shifts to strengths. Start the next chapter with a positive mindset. Make room for vision. Open the door to a world of opportunity. 

Stay tuned for the release of 'Cracked Mirror, Clear Reflection' by mid 2018.'

 "Have a big vision, but don't just dream. Focus on what you can do today!"

-Julie Barbera